GTF Solutions mills hemp waste into new revenue streams

Gary Schuler never expected to jump into the industrial hemp industry, but he finds himself now pitching the plant’s potential and its milled-down byproduct for new uses. READ MORE

GTF Wants To Use Hemp Stalk To Create Hemp A Textile Industry In Michigan

Gary Schuler, Founder and CEO of GTF, wants to use the bottom 80 percent of the Hemp plant to develop a Hemp textile industry in Michigan, just one of the 20,000 uses for Industrial Hemp. WATCH NOW

Michigan hemp farmers harvest first legal crops

Fall in Michigan means harvest time for farmers, and many Michiganders are already flocking to apple orchards and pumpkin patches to reap the benefits of that harvest. A very different group of farmers are celebrating their first harvest as well. READ MORE

Michigan seeks to cash in on CBD craze, but hemp harvest not without hiccups

LANSING — Topical cannabidiol creams are competing for shelf space at Kroger and Whole Foods. Wellness sprays are sold over the counter in Walgreens and other national pharmacies. And Family Video is even selling CBD next to DVDs. READ MORE

Thousands of acres of hemp being legally harvested in Michigan for the first time

LANSING – While many people are anxiously awaiting the start of Michigan's recreational market, a group of farmers and processors working with a different strain of the cannabis plant are celebrating their first harvest. READ MORE

Leaders discuss 2019 Michigan hemp crop

Michigan growers and manufacturers declare 2019 successful learning opportunity

The leading statewide trade association representing industrial hemp today hosted a roundtable to review Michigan’s pilot hemp season and discuss the highs and lows of the state’s newest agricultural commodity. READ MORE

Innovation in hemp milling for hemp plastics by GTF Solutions

Gary Schuler of GTF showed up at the Hemponomics 101 meeting hosted by iHemp Michigan at the Amway Grand, Grand Rapids, on August 13th. That night we put Gary on the spot by having him talk about his process and the potential. READ MORE

First Legal Harvest Season for Michigan’s Thousands of Acres of Hemp

While Michigan’s recreational market is nearly shaping up, farmers and processors across the state are busy working with another strain of Cannabis sativa L. for its first legal harvest season. READ MORE

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